The Sounds of Islam
  Islamic Flashes

Learn Arabic Alphabet writing

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  5 pillars of Islam

Really a nice flash to give non-muslims, muslim kids an idea about Islam and 5 pillars of Islam

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F.A.Q About Islam

" Frequenttly Asked Quetions About Islam" and answers to these questions.

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  Learn Arabic Letters

An easy show to teach you Arabic letters with sound

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Funeral Procession & Burial

A clear demonstating flash of how to process funeral and bury the deceased in Sunnah.

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  Funeral Prayer

Animated Graphics of hpw to perform Funeral Prayer (Salat Aljanazah) as demonstrated by Sunnah.

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Washing & Shrouding the Deceased

Exciting show of how to wash & shroud the deceased as mentioned by Sunnah, with a fully animated graphics. Very easy step by step slides.

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Step by step, learn how to do ablution as mention by Sunnah.

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Prayer - Beginners Level

The Beginners Level of the right way to pray which include the basic actions needed to perform the 5 daily prayers.

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  Prayer - Advanced Level

The right way to pray as mentioned by Sunnah. The advanced level includes all Sunnah actions.

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